Unique historic location

Here at Tinèlle, you can expect not only to enjoy great cooking but also to experience a slice of history.

The venue is ‘Het Predikheren’, a former monastery and military hospital dating back to the 17th Century, that has today been transformed into a cultural hotspot. The left wing, where at one time the monks would linger before retiring to their night’s rest, is where Ken Verschueren and Jenny Callens now showcase their passion for their craft.

It’s a simple recipe: create somewhere with a convivial atmosphere where guests can enjoy classic French/Belgian cuisine under the guise of gastronomy. No set menus, no waiters in starched uniforms, no fuss.

It’s all about sitting down at the table, enjoying good food and good company.


Het Predikheren
Tel 015 63 68 61

Opening hours

 Monday – Friday
Lunch : 11.45 – 13.30
Diner : 18.30 – 22.00
Annual vacation:
08/4/24 – 14/04/24, open again 15/04/24 in the evening
12/08/24 – 25/08/24, open again 26/08/24 in the evening
28/10/24 – 03/11/24, open again 04/11/24 in the evening

Parking at Tinel

Restaurant Tinèlle is located on the Tinel site in Het Predikheren.
The Tinel undercover car park is within walking distance of the restaurant.

Indigo parking Tinel undercover car park
Take the “Champetterke” exit when leaving the car park
Address for car park: Edgard Tinellaan 6, 2800 Mechelen